IMG_0823 2Hey! I’m Ashley-Anne, here are a few of the names I respond to:

“Mommy, you help me wipe my heinie?” (Mom)

“Okay babe, if that’s what you want to do. Just promise me you’ll wear safety glasses”. (Wife, the most supportive and patient husband ever.)

“Hey Devil Dog, get your hands out of those army gloves!” (US Marine)

“Hey, creative person, yes…you can buy me! No, you don’t know what to do with me yet, but you’ll find something…I know you will!” (Antique junkie listening to that beautiful oversized thing at the architectural salvage yard, yes – they talk to me.)

When I’m not engaged with one of the main parts of my life (listed above), I’m either working on a DIY project or dreaming up another home renovation project.  Each time I conjure up a new project or idea, the unknown parts –how exactly are newel posts attached? – become a challenge that I simply can’t refuse.  This will be the documentary of said challenges – the humor, the learning that has occurred, the life that happens during and the beautiful end result.