One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Week 2 & 3

The move is complete, HUGE accomplishment! Now if I could just finish unpacking those last three boxes in the office… We are so excited to be in our new home. It’s light, it’s bright, it’s big enough for our family and most importantly, it’s OURS! We can make our mark how we see fit, and you know I will! We already have so many ideas in mind for how we want to transform some of the rooms and spaces to make them work better for our family. BUT, I promised Hubs one room at a time. Cross my heart, hope not to die finishing this project…

ORC Update

Want to know a good way to get organized right off of the bat when moving into a new home? Sign up for the One Room Challenge! I’ve given myself some ground rules, when you go into the garage to grab a tool, you MUST unpack one box and put everything in it’s proper place. It works really well! Just don’t forget something…. We had to get unpacked, so I took week two to do that. Week 3 has consisted of more unpacking and refinishing this awesome, 1949 oak veneer table I’ve had for years and some chairs I picked up off of Craigslist years ago. If you’ve been following along with me on my Instagram stories, you can see the awesome transformation. Try counting how many times I have to throw Hugo’s ball for him.

I’m really bad at remembering to take before photos, but you can see what the table used to look like if you check out my Virginia home kitchen post here. I removed the dark stain I had put on a few years ago to brighten it up and to add an exterior finish that would last against the California sun and the occasional San Diego rainstorm. I did some research and found this awesome video produced by the awesome wood worker Izzy Swan. Izzy’s solution consist of 70% teak oil and 30% spar urethane. It can be applied to hard and soft woods and he claims it holds up really well against the elements. Well Izzy, I’m putting my trust and confidence in your Super Secret Outdoor Finish! Sorry, it’s not so secret anymore.

Izzy’s solution was so easy to apply! I made sure to do a coat of pre-stain wood conditioner because 1) it dramatically improves the look of stained wood and 2) this is a veneered table and I wanted to give it every ounce of protection I could to make it last. After three, actually four coats of Izzy’s solution, I think it’s going to hold up great AND it looks so rich!

For the chairs and table base, I cleaned up them up really good with soap and water, gave them a light sanding and then painted and sealed them. These chairs and table are as shinny and thick as a good gel nail polish! They have to stand up against my small fire team of boys, so I had to protect them. I also wanted them to have a rich luster, something to really draw the eye and make them look luxurious. I found the Rust-oleum Pearl Mist Metallic spray paint. It’s so shinny!!! I blame my Mother for my attraction to anything that has a pearlescent finish, thanks Mom for teaching me to appreciate the finer things in life!

See the luster?!

Then fabric arrived just in time to reinvigorate me on a tired evening! So many beautiful options and the texture on some are so luxurious – especially for exterior fabrics! Hello lounging…here I come! I plan on using the Primer Prints Carlo in Black for the seat cushions and the Richloom Rave Woven in Lawn for some lumbar pillows. I LOVE how to the new wood tones go with the greens and blacks AND pearlescent chairs!

For this upcoming week, BIG stuff is coming. So follow along and tell you friends, cousins and grandmas too as well.



ORC To-Do List:

Design/Build Lounger for Kid Watching and Sew Pillow Covers

Add in that Trickling Water Sound with a Fountain

Create shade with Pergola

Bring in the Ambiance via Fireplace

Give the BBQ Makeover

Bring in the Plants!

Bring Pattern and Attention to the Floor

Give New Life to Old Rug

Go Shopping for Accessories!!!

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