Reveal Time! Baby Boy #3

It’s done. All the paint is dry. The doors are all hung back on their hinges. Furniture is back in place. Most of the art is back on the walls. The scratches and bruises on our hands have healed. I am finally able to invite people over and show it off. It feels like home and my little design heart is twitter-patted.

Before I start showing it off room by room, I first have to show off the best part of the last year, our newest addition!

Hubs and I welcomed our third son into the world a few days before Christmas. Truly the best present I could have ever received. The excitement leading up to his arrival and Christmas made the whole house buzz! Admittedly, a few power tools, operated by Hubs, added to the buzz. We still had projects left undone, tools were tucked away in corners and my nesting instinct was fighting the Sandman at every corner and the Sandman is still the reigning champ. Luckily for me, I had my loving parents, in-laws and neighbors there to help and the boys were constantly distracted by shinny lights and our Elf on the Shelf, Elvie.

The last two weeks leading up to his arrival were of course, the most uncomfortable – each morning I woke up still pregnant I grew more frustrated. As soon as I succumbed to the fact that he’ll come when he wants to, life was slightly easier. Then he showed up! Back labor is no joke. Like the worst joke in history. Not even laughing. The angel that was my labor and delivery nurse, Raine, helped get me through it and by the time he arrived, 6:45 am of the next day, I couldn’t stop crying, smiling and laughing with pure joy.

I spent a solid month falling in love, napping with the warm weight of new life on my chest, learning how to juggle with three little loves, watching snow fall in the middle on the night, wondering how its possible to love so much three times over and being so thankful for such an amazing, supportive husband. Such a full heart. I let the undone projects sit – for the most part. I won’t lie, I was anxious to start working again, but the experience of being a mother to two wonderful big brothers taught me to slow down and treasure these precious moments. I’m so happy I did.

Welcome to the world my sweet boy! Thank you for being ours and letting us share in your joy and wonder!

Part of the fun, upcoming posts will be of his nursery, so stay tuned!