Reno Log: Day 132



Only took 4 attempts!  Considering I made such a huge stink with the county about their initial terrible inspection, I can’t complain about how particular the chief residential inspector was.  The amazing plumbers from Marines Plumbing had to replace EVERY SINGLE piece of pipe that the no good, very bad, terrible contractor laid.  How or why the idiot thought that shoving a wood shim into an elbow joint of drain pipe would suffice for sound plumbing is beyond me and anyone else with a brain in their head.  It became very obvious that he does NOT have a brain in his head.  Other major deficiencies had to be corrected as well, like the framing for the new windows and ALL of the flashing for the new windows.  Turns out, the idiot didn’t think flashing would be a requirement.  See previous comment about lack of vital organ.  BUT, we passed.

Seriously, WHO DOES THIS?!?!

Since we passed inspection about 2.5 weeks ago, we have had a drywall crew come in and blow our minds with their crazy fast ability to put drywall up.  To think I considered doing that myself, this growing belly would have gotten in the way for sure!  I took copious notes for the next remodel though.  Seeing the rooms take shape and lighten up was so much fun!  I immediately started thinking up which piece of art would go where, then would cough because of drywall dust and get scolded by Hubs for not having my mask on.  All in good time, Young Grasshopper.  Hubs and I then stayed up way too late one night setting the cabinets because the countertops guy was coming the next morning to measure.  I’m happy to report that we are STILL married after that experience AND the guy that came to measure said they were very well done – even looked professional.  Have I mentioned that Hubs and I are awesome together?

Once the drywall was well – dry (and sanded), the flooring crew came in a few days later and start laying down the floors I bought back in November…that was a fun adventure!  I had already scheduled a trip to visit my parents with the boys back West fully thinking that I could release control to the Hubs, or just put the smaller projects on hold, because the house would be 95% complete by the time I left!  Oooohhhhh was I off the mark – I couldn’t release control and the house is still only 78-ish% complete.  Optimism and OCD often times cancel each other out. 

Scuba Grandpa prepping the little ones for the Cayman Islands.
This Grandma gives piggy back rides!

It wasn’t that I couldn’t trust Hubs either, it was more that my desire for perfection, rushed turn-over of the plan details and toss in a handful – or two – of pregnancy hormones and I was a wreck over the details for the floor installation.

BUT…as I typed this from about 33,000 feet AGL – Hubs is finalizing the banister install and the wood-to-carpet transitions with the flooring crew.  I have been more than pleased with the pictures he’s sent me of the progress.  Can not wait to step foot on them – especially with my freshly manicured and tanned toes, thanks Mom!

As all of the above has been taking place, I have been working on restoring the salvaged building materials I’ve squirreled away for the last year.  My precious!  Too many pieces of brass door hardware to count, 5 salvaged doors, 1 claw foot tub and 1 mantle.  Thank you Audible and Spotify for hours worth of entertainment!  Seeing the before and after comparisons has been amazing and has kept me moving forward.  I’ll be sharing those projects later on with each room reveal – ooohhh room reveals!!  I feel like a real home renovator blogger with just the thought of sharing those!  I hope you’re subscribing HGTV!  Stay tuned for those big reveals!

A few end notes:

  1. Total Cost: The calculations are still being made…
  2. Biggest Lesson Learned: Napkin drawings are great for phone discussions on design.
  3. Best Tip:  Work quickly on re-inspectable items so you don’t loose focus and a change of scenery can do a lot of good!
  4. Most Favorite Part:  Getting a pedicure with Mom, so relaxing!



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